My child is always losing things

Yelling, shouting and beating only make the child more stressed which in turn makes the symptoms of ADHD far worse … and he is even more likely to lose things. At this stage probably the best thing that you can do is to make sure that his name is on everything!

Children who lose things are usually disorganised both internally (in the head) and externally (their room, suitcase, books etc). You can best assist him by helping him to develop better organising skills – an important part of this is an organised home with reasonable routine.

Is there anything more important that a good education for my child?

A good education is important but it should never be at the expense of your child’s confidence or self esteem. Ideally children should have a good education, while at the same time improving their confidence and self esteem.

How do I reduce the frustration I feel?

Try to see your child’s world through his/her eyes. Find out more about the challenges they face every day. Be determined to find the solutions. With your increasing understanding, you can become your child’s greatest advocate and support.

As parents we feel quite helpless – is there anything we can do?

Yes!! As parents you can do a tremendous amount to lessen the impact of ADHD.

The following are important:

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