Hyperactivity and ADD: Caring and Coping

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Every so often a book catches the eye that just seems to have all the right answers to all those questions you are never able to find anywhere else. Heather Picton, author of HYPERACTIVITY AND ADD : CARING AND COPING has managed to fill once such gap in my life. Her book is a pleasure to read, is filled with all kinds of useful and down to earth, practical advice for the parent and teacher dealing with the hyperactive or ADD child.

In today's world of rush and hurry it is indeed refreshing to be able to pick up a book that has all the answers at one's fingertips. The book begins with a practical definition of hyperactivity helping both novice and professional to understand the syndrome and all its complexity. It then moves on to deal with the management of the ADD/ADHD child with regard to food, allergies and diet, ending this section with excellent and easy to make recipes of dishes guaranteed not to set off the hyperactive bomb.

Section three is sheer magic as it sets about giving one an understanding of the ADD/ADHD child and all his problems. It helps you to see things through the eyes of the child and adolescent, gives an understanding of the home and school based problems as well as insight into the sad and often lonely world of the child shunned by others - when all he really wants is love and attention. It doesn't forget the parent either and provides some very important support information both locally and internationally.

A truly remarkable book, well worth reading carefully. A must for the library of any child-centred school, child oriented professional and child careworker.

Terry Wilke B.Ed(SGC), B.A.(Psych), F.D.E.(Remedial), Dip. Th., Cert (Divorce Mediation), Cert.(Trauma Debriefing), Cert.(Forensic Psychology)

I think that this book has dealt with the complex issues surrounding ADD/ADHD children in a most insightful and caring way. The academic dimension to ADD/ADHD has been discussed in a manner that is easily understandable to the non-professional.

The book is filled with common sense, delightful moments of gentle humour and empathetic wisdom. At least one copy of Hyperactivity and ADD: caring and coping deserves to be in the Teachers' Reference Library of every South African School.

Richard Hayward, retired Headmaster of IR Griffiths School

This marvelous book is the result of many years of searching for answers and consulting experts, here and overseas and is a mine of useful information for desperate parents. For anyone who has a hyperactive child, or who suspects their child might have the condition, this book is an absolute must.


I have read through HYPERACTIVITY AND ADD - caring and coping with great interest. It is the distillation of years and years of dealing with the heartache of parents who have children affected by ADD/ADHD.
This book covers everything from the Psychology of the Child, Who to turn to in terms of Professionals, What diets to follow, and even recipes to make for the child. It is truly a wholistic approach to a multi-factorial and multi-faceted problem.

This book is not biased towards any particular approach, but fairly and comprehensively lays out for the reader the different ways of dealing with the problem. The book is suitable for the parent, teacher etc, and I would further highly recommend the Professional to read it.

Heather deserves ever success with this book as it comes from her heart, and in her heart is only the desire to improve the lives of Children and Parents faced with at times a lot of confusion.
The problem of ADD with or without hyperactivity seems to be on the increase, and I am sure this book will help to make this World a better place.

Dr Leslie F Pleass DO, DHom , ND , DAc, Osteopathic Medicine.

A work of love and generosity, Heather shares with all parents vital information gathered over many years. So many questions answered in one book! It has helped us as a family and I highly recommend this essential guide to all moms and dads.

Rosemary Hayward (Mother)

Hyperactivity in children is not due to bad parenting or psychiatric conditions in its victims. It has a biological basis. Here is someone who realizes this and is bold enough to say it. An extremely readable book with practical advice from someone with personal experience of the condition.

Prof CF van der Merwe, Professor of Medicine, Medunsa, Pretoria.

"Hyperactivity and ADD: Caring and Coping" can be bought directly from Heather, or ordered from ADHASA at http://www.adhasa.co.za. Cost R190 (excluding postage costs)