Top Four Tips to Boost Concentration


Concentration has become a major issue because so many people – both adults and children – find it extremely difficult to concentrate. Being able to concentrate affects how well a person does in school, or how they manage in those interminable office meetings. In fact it impacts upon virtually anything and everything they do, throughout their life.

So often people are convinced that they can’t concentrate because there is something wrong with them … they’re too tired, they’ve got too much to do, they’re too stressed, and their mind can’t let go of the million and one other things that are demanding their attention.

In my consulting business, many adults have confided that they used to think they were intelligent, but no longer believed in themselves.

Admittedly there are those who have learning and other difficulties; however most people today are basically victims of our 21st Century frenetic lifestyle. There are many benefits of living in the digital age, but at the same time it’s had a terrible impact on the quality of our lives. To what extent has it affected yours?

I believe that our busy lifestyle is also affecting our children who often don’t have time to just be children that they are. They’ve become highly stressed and this undermines their ability to concentrate. It aggravates symptoms of ADHD and sometimes can even cause them.

So where do you start with improving concentration?
• Exercise – and even better if it becomes a family project.
• Nutrition – eat real food, meat, fish, egg, fruit, vegetables etc. Avoid highly processed foods and artificial colourants. Sounds difficult but very do-able once you’ve learnt the basics. Add supplements.
• Drink lots of water – take a water bottle to work or pack it in the children’s suitcase.
• Try to reduce stress levels in your home. Once you understand the challenges especially of children or adults with ADHD, you will find it much easier to cope.

Each one of the above exercises will help improve concentration. And the bonus is that they will also help you feel so much better in other ways too.

Over the past 25 years I’ve assisted many people. Sometimes years pass before I bump into them again. Just recently I heard from a mother who had brought her 15 year old son to me because he was struggling tremendously at school. We’d worked on his concentration and also dealt with a few other issues that were making his life at senior school very difficult. A few months ago she phoned and thanked me … proudly sharing that her son had just been awarded his LLB degree (cum laude).

These are the moments when I’m reminded how very valuable this information is, and that we should all be using it.

Sometimes you need someone to hold your hand and guide you while you’re doing this important job of improving concentration levels (and quality of life) for both you and your family. To find out more about how I can help you, please click on the consulting button above.