How do you recognise that your child is doing his best and not being naughty?


Early Morning – Everyone else is ready to go but child has not yet dressed.

The early morning rush is hectic for everyone but even more so for children who struggle with organisation. Just dressing requires considerable organisational skills with many children getting horribly confused about the order of putting on clothes – some little boys may put on their shorts and then realise they haven’t put on their underpants. They may also end up with shoes on the wrong feet, clothes on back to front, incorrect buttoning etc. Sometimes it’s just too much and they escape into other activities.
The child’s needs help and one solution is for the parent to dress alongside him (also dressing) in the morning discussing what they are doing.

At School – Getting up and walking around when he has been told to stay in his seat.

Children with ADHD are often unable to sit still for more than a few minutes at a time. Their body demands that they move, and in the process built up tension is released. With huge effort they may be able to sit still during class but at the expense of registering what the teacher is saying. If the child concentrates too hard on sitting still, he won’t really hear what is being taught, or what he is supposed to do.
Children who are given permission to move when they really need it will be far better able to pay attention and hear what the teacher has to say.

At Home - Shouting if anyone else makes a noise but usually making more noise than anyone else.

Many children with ADHD are over-sensitive to sound. They register it far more intensely and what might be OK for other people becomes painfully loud for them. These are the kids who cry when mum is drying her hair, or using the vacuum cleaner. The only way they can tolerate the noise is by being in control of it which is why they might like to take over the food mixer or radio because they’re able to switch it off the moment it gets too much for them.

Instructions – not listening.

Children with ADHD are regularly in trouble because they ‘don’t listen’ or carry out instructions. They may not have registered what was said, however everything becomes far more difficult if they’re given several instructions at once. Even if they really concentrate on listening carefully they usually only remember the first instruction, and maybe the second. Everything else is lost.
Make sure that you have the child’s attention and give one instruction at a time. When she has completed the task, give praise and go on to the next.

Dinner Time – Refusing to eat if the different foods touch.

This is totally frustrating for anyone who doesn’t understand what’s going on. Many (but not all) children with ADHD are over-sensitive to touch, and this can also affect how they react to different textured foods. They don’t know how to explain that they can’t handle two or more different textures in their mouth at the same time and so they reject the meal altogether.
When serving the meal keep the foods on the plate separate, and your children will be able to deal with all the different textures, one at a time.

These five solutions tackle some of the most common reasons for children’s almost infuriating behaviour. Use them and find out how much tension levels in your home are reduced.

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