Christmas Top Tip No 4

I believe for ADHD should be as a last resort and then only if the child (or adult) is unable to cope without it. At the same time I've often been asked questions about medication and it's necessary to give them answers which give them greater clarity.

Through the years many, many parents of children with ADHD have asked whether they should, or rather could, take their children off medication for the holidays. Basically this is a decision to be made by the parents and in consultation with their doctor - at one stage 'drug holidays' were fairly common but not so these days. Another factor is the type of medication being used.

A child with huge behaviour issues might find it far more difficult to cope without his medication and end up having a rotten day because he has lost his crutch and cannot control himself.

Some kids with ADHD lose their sparkle when on medication. Their parents want to at least give their child a chance to be himself on the holidays, and I fully understand where they are coming from.

Each child is an individual and what is best for one child is not necessarily the best for another - parents usually know how their child reacts with or without meds, and with this awareness they should discuss drug holidays with their doctor.