Healthier Eating and ADHD

Children with ADHD often show great improvement when they switch to a healthier eating lifestyle. It is impossible to predict the extent to which a child will benefit, and in which area improvements will take place – it could, for example, be in behaviour, concentration, general health or social interaction. Improvement could be in all these areas.
The kind and extent of improvement depends upon the degree to which the child's own unique nutritional requirements are being met:

1. Increase levels of Essential Fatty Acids (EFA)
Most people in the Western Hemisphere have Essential Fatty Acid (EFA) deficiencies.

2. Avoid the Junk
Often just removing the junk from their foods changes children’s lives. Every child deserves the opportunity to eat health-giving, body and brain building foods.

3. Are Salicylates a Problem?
Some children react to certain natural foods especially those with high salicylate content.

4. Stabilise Blood Glucose Levels
Maintain Stable Blood Glucose Levels by eating meals consisting of mainly carbohydrates that release glucose slowly into the blood stream, combined with a small portion of protein.


Parents are often accused of depriving their children when they eliminate junk and highly processed additive-laden foods. What others don't realise is that these concerned parents invariably go looking for tastier and healthier alternatives so that their children can have treats like any other child - the only difference is that their children have healthier options.
In the process their children are being given an opportunity to calm down, to take more control of their lives, find school work more do-able, be less frustrated, or have more friends? Is this being deprived??? In fact it could be exactly the opposite - think about your children's challenges and the difference it could make if they could show improvement in any or all of these areas.

For more infomation about healthier eating, consult my book "Hyperactivity and ADHD - caring and coping" available from ADHASA (email info[at][dot]za) at R190 (excluding P&P). It can also be ordered from Amazon.