Examinations - Organising Skills

People with ADHD often have poor organising skills which may affect their ability to plan a study schedule or stick to it. If possible help them prepare their study schedule, planning which chunks of work should be covered by which date, and agreeing on basic study periods.

The length of study session depends upon the concentration span of the child. Follow each session with a short break which could be fetching a glass of water, or doing a few scissor jumps, to ten minutes of physical activity such as jumping on a trampoline or having a bath or shower. Even children in Matric need short breaks at least every 30 to 45 minutes. Make sure you also build in periods of relaxation as well as rewards for their efforts.

Some children find it easier to learn while moving - sitting on a rocking chair, or a physio ball can help give the movement they crave.

Become creative and find ways to support and assist them with meeting their various study goals, while also encouraging them to take responsibility for achieving them.