Examinations - Fun improves learning

Examination time is stressful and difficult for the whole family! Tempers are short making studying almost impossible, and it's even worse for children with ADHD.

The branches (called dendrites) at the end of nerve cells (neurons)shrivel when a child (or adult) is stressed, making it far more difficult for messages to cross the gap or synapse between the neurons.

When children are relaxed, the messages are better able to cross the synapse, making it easier for children to concentrate and learn. Sometimes it may seem almost impossible especially if you have to calm yourself down first.

We get so used to criticising children because they 'don't seem to try'. A first step is to recognise that they are often trying their very best - even if they are bright and results are poor. Start off by recognising effort rather than results.

*If she's always drawing, let her work out her history/geography by writing info or drawing relevant pictures on writing paper or her window, or even use shaving foam on the mirror. This engages both tactile and visual skills, Add auditory by asking her is a supportive manner to explain it to you.

*Add domino card games with questions and answers drawn on pieces of paper/small cards.

*Spelling lists can be written on cardboard - once on blue and another on white card, and then a game of snap is played - if their spelling and writing are too bad, you might have to write them out initially. In the process they are writing out the lists twice, reading them and saying them out loud and having fun in the process. This is far more effective than a child forever learning lists of words which they never remember.

Games are better played by the helpful parents as they build the child's self confidence - a vital part of the exercise.

Have fun!