How to solve your ADHD child's 7 worst daily challenges

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The ADHD Guide: How to Solve Your ADHD child’s 7 Worst Daily Challenges offers the help you need for the daily worst situations in your home if you have children with ADHD. Many parents don’t understand why they aren’t coping, and this book is an excellent starting point.

It begins with how you can help them from when they open their eyes first thing in the morning, until they settle down for the night. It starts with getting ready for school, tackles the problems that arise throughout the day and ends with tucking them up at night. In the process of making everyone’s life easier they also learn how they can improve their ADHD social skills.

Each of the seven worst daily challenges is described from different perspectives. Both the child’s point of view and the parent’s frustrations become clear. Practical, easy-to-implement solutions give parents the tools to handle the situation at hand, and to do so in a way that builds self esteem for all and at the same time gives social skills for the rest of his life.

As families take control of the symptoms of ADHD and bring out the best in their child, they become happier and parenting becomes more fun.

This book is full of useful information that will help parents, professionals and teachers who are often expected to help parents in areas that they often have no experience. It could be the basis of discussions with family and friends, and the starting point of many workshops

Sanity is possible! Quick, practical, real help for the day to day challenges of dealing with ADHD. Heather Picton manages to help parents understand what is really going on inside their kids. JE Swart