Brainy Breakfasts Workshop

To help your child concentrate at school!

Brainy Breakfasts is an intimate, fun-filled and interactive workshop for parents. It's about how to prepare quick and easy breakfasts that will support and enhance concentration, and have the children wanting to eat it.

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Christmas Top Tip No 5

Christmas is in a couple of days time. You've spent time baking with the kids or being involved in other Christmas activities but time is now short and you still have a mountain of work to do! That's usually when children (and husbands) most get under your feet.

Christmas Top Tip No 4

I believe for ADHD should be as a last resort and then only if the child (or adult) is unable to cope without it. At the same time I've often been asked questions about medication and it's necessary to give them answers which give them greater clarity.

Christmas Top Tip No 3

"I'll let the kids help themselves to their favourite cereals so that I can get on with all the things I have to do."

At first glance this might seems sensible, but usually it's not. The fact that mom is busy invariably has children wanting more attention. On top of that many cereals are highly processed and laden with sugar - they are going to cause blood glucose levels to fluctuate wildly, and this undermines behaviour. You could end up spending large parts of your day dealing with upheaval and tantrums.

Christmas Top Tip No 2

Do you find the children getting more and more difficult as we get closer to Christmas? Their excitement levels are rising, they cannot cope and end up over-reacting to situations. They lose all control very easily.

With all the commercial hype they are already in a major state when they wake up on Christmas morning.

Christmas Top Tip No 1

It's so easy to let a few things slide when you are busy, and some you can. Others - well, lets say I've learnt the hard way and wouldn't dream of letting them slide.

Whatever the situation kids function far better if their bodies are working at their best levels. Make sure you keep giving them their essential fatty acids, usually a combination of fish oil and evening primrose oil. My long term mentor, Professor Tiaan Van Der Merwe suggests that with all the excitement and upheaval of the holiday season, you might even want to increase the dosage.

Ten Top Tips for Christmas

It's nearly Christmas, and we all want it to be perfect. We promise ourselves that it's going to be the best Christmas ever ... and we end up giving ourselves more work that we are realistically able to do. Often we just can't cope and end up being frustrated and short tempered - and the kids unwittingly reflect the way we feel. Life becomes even more complicated than usual.

Examinations - Organising Skills

People with ADHD often have poor organising skills which may affect their ability to plan a study schedule or stick to it. If possible help them prepare their study schedule, planning which chunks of work should be covered by which date, and agreeing on basic study periods.

Examinations - Fun improves learning

Examination time is stressful and difficult for the whole family! Tempers are short making studying almost impossible, and it's even worse for children with ADHD.

The branches (called dendrites) at the end of nerve cells (neurons)shrivel when a child (or adult) is stressed, making it far more difficult for messages to cross the gap or synapse between the neurons.

Examinations - Eating to Support Concentration

To a large extent concentration is affected by the last meal eaten - so breakfast is particularly important for children writing exams. They should go to school on a breakfast containing protein such as egg, tuna, sardines or chicken. Serve it on toast, potato or rice. Or they could even have leftovers from the night before.

For those who don't want that much in the morning, try a smoothie made with yoghurt, fruit and nuts (optional). Vegetarians can get the protein they need from eating rice or legumes (beans, peas, lentils,chickpeas etc) mixed with nuts or seeds.

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